Well… the time has come and the contest has came to an end. We have reviewed all igloos that were submitted, and will be picking 4 winners. Great job everyone, a lot of those igloos were very spooky and very well designed! We have selected 4 winners to receive V.I.P. as a winning prize! I have also included 2 bonus winners because your igloos were just so good!

And our winners are…

1. Vale (1st Place Winner!)

Wow, I must say this igloo is very well decorated and looks really neat. A lot of stuff going on in this igloo. Good job, Vale!


2. Komasan (2nd Place Winner!)

Great job, Komasan! Looks very spooky. I love the trees and the curtains! Well done!


3. Whiz159 (3rd Place Winner!)

Nice one, Whiz159! This igloo is super neat and has that great Halloween multiples reprise to it!


4. RachelRox (4th Place Winner!)

Wooah, this igloo looks great for a Halloween party! I like the dance floors and the balloons. Well done, RachelRox!


5. Mizuca 0444 (Bonus Winner #1!)

And our first bonus winner, Mizuca 0444! Great igloo! Also a fit for a great Halloween party igloo.


6. Static (Bonus Winner #2!)

And our last bonus winner, Static! Very nice haunted mansion, Static! Awesome job!


Wow, great igloos everyone! I really enjoyed checking them out. Congratulations to all you winners! V.I.P. has been added to your accounts.

Also, I would like to say to Crazylar1DarknessShippya that already have V.I.P., nice igloos! Just wanted to feature your names in the post because your igloos were great. 🙂


Also, enjoy the Halloween Party of 2009! It has now arrived on the island! 🙂 Be sure to dress up spookyyy. Happy Halloween!!

Hello, everyone! Just a reminder, we will be announcing the winners for the Halloween Igloo Contest on Friday, October 14th @ 4:00 PM (PST) in-game. So be sure to be on CPPS.io on that date and time!

Also, we have been reviewing igloos and a lot of your igloos are really spooky and are a great fit for Halloween! Good job, everyone! If you haven’t entered yet, be sure to do so! (click here to enter) The contest ends on Friday. Remember, we will only be picking the top 4 best igloos. The 4 winners will receive V.I.P. as a winning prize.

Thanks for reading this reminder & good luck!

Hey everyone! Since it’s getting close to Halloween, we are announcing something cool we are going to be doing for CPPS.io. And that is a Halloween igloo contest. Yep, that’s right! We are going to host a contest and will be picking 4 winners. The prize will be V.I.P. for free.


Here’s how the contest will work:

We will review everyone’s igloo that entered in the contest. Your igloo must be Halloween themed with a unique look to it. After we have reviewed and picked 4 winners, we will announce the winners in-game on CPPS.io (the winners will also be in a blog post). All 4 winners will receive V.I.P..


Here’s how to enter:

1. Go to this link: http://cpps.io/contests/igloo.php (Or click HERE)
2. Once you’re at the contest page, it will look like this:

3. Enter your username in the text box and agree to the rules.

Rules:  -Your igloo must be Halloween themed.

-You may only enter once. After you submit your igloo, you cannot change it.

-Be unique and create a come up with a cool looking igloo!

-You will only be able to submit from October 1 – October 13. We will pick winners on Friday, October 14.

-Have fun & good luck! 🙂

I wish everyone good luck with your igloo! Hopefully some of them are really spooky! 🙂

Remember, we will be announcing the winners in-game on October 14th!



We will also be releasing the Halloween Party of 2009 on the same day we announce the winners! Be sure to be there on October 14th! Here is a screenshot below of what is to come! 😉

Be sure to submit your igloos and be on the look out for the Halloween Party starting on October 14!

Hello, everyone!

Tomorrow is my birthday so I wanted to do something for all you users that we haven’t done before. If you can’t already tell by the title.. We are going to temporarily give V.I.P. to everyone starting tomorrow (Sept. 12) BUT only until Friday, September 16. Once it ends, everyone who didn’t have V.I.P. originally (or purchased V.I.P.) will be restored to a normal user.

Basically, this is like a V.I.P. trial for those that haven’t purchased V.I.P.. Also remember, it will be ending on Friday, September 16. So be sure to try out V.I.P. before this offer ends!