Wow! It’s been a great 2 day release party of! But as of now, the Release Party has ended. We hope you got a chance to receive some of the exclusive items we released for it. It seems like everyone enjoyed this release! Below are some screenshots from the Release Party!

Hope everyone had a great time at the Release Party! Now let’s move on to something new…

A fair? Yep, that’s right! The Fall Fair of 2009 has arrived to! So we hope everyone will enjoy having fun at the fair this week. šŸ™‚

Also, thank you to all you supporters of that have purchased VIP this week, it really helps us out and makes even better.


Hello, everyone!

I’m glad to say that Project v2 will be coming to an end on Saturday, August 20, 2016.Ā As Project v2 comes to an end, we would like to celebrate the final release of with a release party! Everyone is welcome. All testers that helped us test Project v2 will be rewarded with an exclusive Project v2 Background, which will only be exclusive to Project v2 testers ONLY! If you aren’t a tester, what are you waiting for? Login to before it’s too late! Project v2 ends on Saturday.

The release party will be starting at 8:00 AM (PST) on Saturday, August 20, 2016. Make sure to convert PST to your own timezone to find out what time it would be for you.



Also, as a huge thank you we are giving you a special limited time offer! V.I.P. price will be set atĀ $0.50 starting Saturday! Remember, this offer is LIMITED TIME ONLY! (It will only last about a week)Ā So be sure to grab V.I.P. on Saturday while this bargain price still exists!


Thank you everyone for helping us test Project v2! We appreciate your support!


-Shaun Team

**Update: The current version of ( has been shut off due to Project v2 being released. Once Project v2 is out of testing, we will release the final version of**

Hey everyone, we are happy to announce that Project v2 is finally here! If you didn’t know, Project v2 is a testing server for where you will have access to everything (including V.I.P. Features) and help us test!


What’s new in Project v2 for right now? There is a new cPanel we have added & much more! Some new features & cool stuff! We have also fixed minor glitches/bugs in the game. Please note that there will be a ton of updating to Project v2 over time and you will be able to help us test out whatever we release! Have fun!

Notice: You will have access to ALL features on Project v2 (including V.I.P. features) for testing purposes. Team

Hello, everyone!

Today, I bring you more news about Project v2. Our team and myself have been working hard on Project v2 and it is almost ready for testing! It should be ready in about a few days to a week. Keep checking back! We know a lot of you want to help test and make even better! Be ready to test all those features (including V.I.P. only features!) even if you don’t have V.I.P.! Team

Today I would like to announce somethingĀ I am working on for, Project v2. You might be wondering, what is Project v2? Well, Project v2 is going to be the new improved once it is fully completed and tested. It’s going to have big improvements for, with new features, changes, and lot of bug fixes. It will be available for all users to test out with access to all features (including V.I.P. features!)

Project v2 does currently not have a set date for testing yet, but will soon to be opened to the public. Be sure to keep checking back for futureĀ updates about Project v2. Team

Hello, everyone!

Today we have some very special updates to announce for! We have been hard at work to bring you guys and everyone at great updates as well as new great features!

As you have may noticed, we have updated our website design with a whole new look! We hope you all enjoy this brand-new look.

And as for in-game features, we have updated the Command Center with a whole new look as well. Take a look at this screenshot below of what it now looks like!

I hope everyone enjoys these brand new updates!

Plus, we have brought back the Festival Of Flight party from 2009!

Enjoy the Festival Of Flight & all the new updates, everyone!

-Shaun ( Administrator)

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to, a brand new Club Penguin Private Server! As some of you have may noticed, ComplusCP has became but with more new features! will launch on Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Be sure to check the launch countdown page:
There is a countdown clock and a xat chat to talk in with others!

Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates! @CPPSio


NOTE: If you had a ComplusCP account, you can still login to it on! If you don’t have an account, create one now by clicking here!

Also, we are currently hiring positions for Moderator! This means you may have a chance to get on our staff team. To apply, you will be filling out a form and submitting it to our team. Once submitted, our team will review it and get back to you soon via email!

You can apply here:

Hope you all enjoy!