**Update: The current version of CPPS.io (play.cpps.io) has been shut off due to Project v2 being released. Once Project v2 is out of testing, we will release the final version of CPPS.io.**

Hey everyone, we are happy to announce that Project v2 is finally here! If you didn’t know, Project v2 is a testing server for CPPS.io where you will have access to everything (including V.I.P. Features) and help us test!


What’s new in Project v2 for right now? There is a new cPanel we have added & much more! Some new features & cool stuff! We have also fixed minor glitches/bugs in the game. Please note that there will be a ton of updating to Project v2 over time and you will be able to help us test out whatever we release! Have fun!

Notice: You will have access to ALL features on Project v2 (including V.I.P. features) for testing purposes.

-CPPS.io Team

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