Hey everyone!

As you may of saw from the last post there was a secret party that was planned for July 1st. Well, today is that day and the party has been revealed! So welcome to the Vol. 4 Release Party!

Check out the Town, a pretty neat design with a box of Leis, you will be able to obtain one. These Leis are exclusive only to this party.

(NOTICE: Some of the rooms may take a while to load, so please be patient as they load. Usually up to 20-30 seconds of wait time)


When you login you will notice 2 exclusive items will be added to your inventory, a hoodie and a background. There is also other items you are able to pick up from the rooms.



Be sure to pick up a Lei! The item will soon be patched after the party ends. This is an exclusive item.


Go on in and check out the Coffee Shop, you may be surprised to what you see! 2 pretty neat items have also been added and are only available during this party.

These items are also obtainable, they are a Double Double & a Tim Hortons Apron. These are exclusive items.


Last but not least, the Iceberg! Be sure to hop on over to the Iceberg to see what’s up! Check it out below as well.


Oh yes, there is also a music player so you can stream the songs from the album right in-game! How cool is that? The music player is in the top-left corner of the game.

That’s all for now! Be sure to check out everything and enjoy the party! Remember to grab all the items before they are patched. Enjoy everyone!


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