Hey everyone! It’s getting closer to that time of year again and we are announcing that another Halloween Igloo Contest (and Halloween Party) will be taking place on CPPS.io. At the end of the contest we will be picking 4 winners. The winners will receive V.I.P. for free.


How the contest works:

We will review igloos that have entered in the contest. Your igloo must be Halloween themed with a unique look to it. After we have reviewed entries and picked our 4 winners, we will announce the winners in-game on CPPS.io on Friday, October 13th (the winners will also be in a blog post). All 4 winners will receive V.I.P..


How to enter:

1. Proceed to this link: https://cpps.io/contests/igloo.php (Or click HERE)
2. Once you’re at the contest page, it will look like this:

3. Enter your username in the text box and agree to the rules.


Your igloo must be Halloween themed.

•You may only enter once. After you submit your igloo, you cannot change it.

•Be unique and creative. Come up with a cool looking igloo!

•You will only be able to submit from October 1 – October 13. We will pick the winners on that same date (Friday, October 13).

•Have fun & good luck! 🙂


I wish everyone good luck with your igloo! Hope to see some spooky ones! 🙂

Remember, we will be announcing the winners in-game on October 13th!



Be sure to submit up those igloos! Also remember that our Halloween Party will be starting on October 13th as well!


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