Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on announcing the winners, but here we are… The winners are now finally announced! These 4 winners have great igloos! Very spoooooky! Check them out below.

And our winners are…


1. Flip (1st Place Winner!)

Woah, pretty cool igloo! I enjoy the medieval theme it has to it as well. Nice job, Flip!


2. Marshallking (2nd Place Winner!)

Great job, Marshallking! Pretty ghosty, cool trees and pumpkins! Good work!


3. Evelknievel (3rd Place Winner!)

Sick, Evelknievel! Has a nice Graphraines feel to it. I like the gates as well. Sweet!


4. Loafed (4th Place Winner!)

Simple but great igloo! Looks great for trick-or-treating or even for an insta vid 1 sample hunt.
Sweet stuff,

Well done, great igloos guys! Congratulations to all you winners! V.I.P. has been added to your accounts.

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