Hey everyone! So… has been around for 2 years, can you believe it? On January 25th, 2016 we launched (Which was known as ComplusCP at the time). I cannot believe it has already been 2 years. To wrap up those 2 years, we’re announcing the 2nd Year Anniversary Party of to celebrate!’s 2nd Year Anniversary Party Info:

Date: Saturday, February 24th

Time: 11:00 AM (PST)

Room: Town





Check out this first sneak peek, we’ve got a sketch of the Town. We will have to wait for the 24th to find out what it looks like in full color!



For the second sneak peek we’ve got a new Anniversary Party Hat! Only available for 24 hours at the party. Can you guess what the colors of the hat are?



That’s all the sneak peeks for now! Don’t forget the party starts on Saturday, February 24th @ 11:00 AM (PST). P.S. Don’t forget to grab that 2nd year Anniversary Party Hat! Only available for 24 hours.

We hope to see you all at the anniversary party! Be sure to come and bring your friends too!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on announcing the winners, but here we are… The winners are now finally announced! These 4 winners have great igloos! Very spoooooky! Check them out below.

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Hey everyone, just a quick notice to those of you who are wondering why the winners of the Halloween Igloo Contest haven’t been announced yet. We recently had a small delay with our system and the date has been extended. You can now submit your igloos until October 31st. On October 31st the winners will be announced.

Be sure to submit yours before the time is up!


Hey everyone! It’s getting closer to that time of year again and we are announcing that another Halloween Igloo Contest (and Halloween Party) will be taking place on At the end of the contest we will be picking 4 winners. The winners will receive V.I.P. for free.

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