Add items to your inventory using an item ID.

!AI 221


Check the ID of your account.



Check the online status of the game.



Check the users that are online.



Clone other users.

!CLONE Shaun


Join another room.

!JR 100


Add coins to your account.

!AC 5000


Add furniture to your igloo.

!AF 14


Upgrade your igloo.

!UI 12


Update the music in your igloo.

!UM 223


Upgrade your igloo floor.

!UF 7


Change your penguin color.



Load outfits from the outfit slots.



Save outfits to the outfit slots.


  V.I.P. Commands   


Change your penguin name.

!NICK Penguin


Restore your penguin name.



Change your nameglow color.

!NG 000000


Change your namecolor color.



Change your bubblecolor color.

!BC 000000


Change your bubbletext color.



Turn off your nameglow/namecolor.



Turn on your nameglow/namecolor.



Turn off your bubblecolor/bubbletext.



Turn on your bubblecolor/bubbletext.



Enable speed. Speeds: 1-3



Enable slow mode.



Walk on walls.



Turn off Walk On Walls.



Load outfits from the VIP only outift slots.



Save outfits to the VIP only outift slots