Commands for everyone:

Command Description
!AI Add items to your inventory. (Example: !AI 221)
!ID Check the ID of your account.
!PING Check the online status of the game.
!USERS Check the users that are online.
!CLONE Clone other users. (Example: !CLONE Shaun)
!JR Join another room. (Example: !JR 100)
!AC Add coins to your account. (Example: !AC 5000)
!AF Add furniture to your igloo. (Example: !AF 14)
!UI Upgrade your igloo. (Example: !UI 12)
!UM Update the music in your igloo. (Example: !UM 223)
!UF Upgrade your igloo floor. (Example: !UF 7)
!APPLY Show the link to the apply page.
!VIP Show the link to the V.I.P. page.
!COLOR Change your penguin color. (Example: !COLOR FFFFFF)
!LOADOUTFIT Load outfits from the outfit slots. (Example: !LOADOUTFIT2)
!SAVEOUTFIT Save outfits to the outfit slots. (Example: !SAVEOUTFIT2)


Commands for: V.I.P.:

Command Description
!NICK Change your penguin name. (Example: !NICK Graphwize)
!RESTORENICK Restore your penguin name.
!NG | !NAMEGLOW Change your nameglow color. (Example: !NG 000000)
!NC | !NAMECOLOR Change your namecolor color. (Example: !NC FFFFFF)
!BC | !BUBBLECOLOR Change your bubblecolor color. (Example: !BC 000000)
!BT | !BUBBLETEXT Change your bubbletext color. (Example: !BT FFFFFF)
!NGNCOFF Turn off your nameglow/namecolor.
!NGNCON Turn on your nameglow/namecolor.
!BCBTOFF Turn off your bubblecolor/bubbletext.
!BCBTON Turn on your bubblecolor/bubbletext.
!SPEED Enable speed. Speeds: 1-3 (Example: !SPEED 2)
!WOW Walk on walls.
!WOWOFF Turn off Walk On Walls.
!LOADOUTFIT  Load outfits from the VIP only outift slots (Example: !LOADOUTFIT6)
!SAVEOUTFIT Save outfits to the VIP only outift slots (Example: !SAVEOUTFIT6)