Hey guys!

So we are trying to think of ideas for the next party to put on CPPS.io but we are unsure of which one. So we thought of the idea to get you guys to vote on a party! The vote poll listed below are showing the choices of parties to pick from. Remember, these are all from 2009. Vote up!




April Fools, everyone! The April Fools Party of 2009 is now active on CPPS.io. Be sure to login and check it out! I’m sure it will bring back some great memories. Check out what we’ve got in “store” for this April Fools party!

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Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while again since the last post but things have been busy lately. We have updated a few things on CPPS.io including; nameglows, a few command bugs, and our staff list on the staff page. Every official staff member on our team is listed there, so be sure to check that out.

Anyways, we’ve got some upcoming updates too. Just a few small bug fixes and not so much anything big. However, there will be a party coming in a few weeks or less… But we are unsure of which original Club Penguin party to put up on CPPS.io. So we have decided to let you guys choose!


Be sure to write in the comments below on what party you would like to see next on CPPS.io.

Which ever party is the most requested one will get picked, comment on!


Hey everyone!

We are happy to announce the 1 Year Anniversary of CPPS.io. Yep that’s right, CPPS.io is now 1 year old! And to celebrate we are throwing a huge custom party with exclusive items and much much more. Details and more information on this party are listed below.

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