Hello, everyone!

The party that won the vote is here, the Music Jam party of 2009! Be sure to log into CPPS.io and check it out. Hopefully everyone will enjoy this party, even those that didn’t vote for it! 🙂

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Hey everyone!

So last week we asked everyone to put a vote in for the next party we’re going to have on CPPS.io.

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Hey guys!

So we are trying to think of ideas for the next party to put on CPPS.io but we are unsure of which one. So we thought of the idea to get you guys to vote on a party! The vote poll listed below are showing the choices of parties to pick from. Remember, these are all from 2009. Vote up!




April Fools, everyone! The April Fools Party of 2009 is now active on CPPS.io. Be sure to login and check it out! I’m sure it will bring back some great memories. Check out what we’ve got in “store” for this April Fools party!

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