Failure to follow rules will result in possible punishment of your account.

The standard procedure is Warning > Kick > Ban, in some cases it will be different.

Be respectful to all users.

(This definitely includes staff!)


  • If you are taking part in an action that directly harasses another user and they ask you to stop then you must stop.

                   As the user would of already asked you to stop if you do not then you will be kicked.

  • We don’t accept discrimination or any kind of abuse/racism against other users, if you are found to be abusing others you will be dealt with accordingly.
  • While we allow swearing please do not use it in a way that would be disruptive to other users, don’t go over the top.
  • No spamming / flooding with messages, it takes up the chat log and can be disruptive, if you are doing this and and don’t stop when asked you will be muted.


Miscellaneous rules.

  • No advertising of any kind, this does not include things like igloo parties.

           Advertising results in a permanent ban.

  • No hacking or cheating of any kind (Or use of third party programs).
  • No ban evasion, if caught it will result in a longer ban.
  • No impersonating staff.
  • staff always have the final say.


All rules also apply to the Discord where applicable.